Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love You

I would like to turn over a new leaf and say "I love you" to several non-family members. I am doing so beside the image of a hideous heart-shaped pillow that I wouldn't be caught dead with, unless, of course, someone really, really loved me.

Samantha: I love you. I miss our long walks when we would gossip and complain about our college courses and how much they sucked. You have truly been a great friend over the years.

Anna: I love you. I miss your laugh and watching hours of Animal Planet with you.

Melisa: I love you. I miss your drawing of the really hot guy with the long, soft hair that somehow you weren't attracted to.

Kelsey: I love you. I miss your singsong call of "BEYONCE!!" every time she appeared on television.

Random Guy in Supermarket: Remember me? I worked at Albertson's for four years, and you would come in every Thursday night at approximately 8:58 p.m. You are about 5'8" and have brown hair and dark brown eyes. You bought a six pack of O'Doul's and sandwich fixings once a week. After I scanned your groceries, you would say "gracias" in your skinny-white-boy accent. You were trying to be posh, and it wasn't working. But somehow it worked for me. If you are still single, I love you. If you are not, this note wasn't about you. It was about someone else.

P.S. I am not stalking you. YOU were stalking ME. You bought the groceries, you came through my line, and you said gracias.

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Anna said...

Patricia you make me happy. I miss you a lot! This year is boring without you!